Controversial counselor, Reverend Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt has advised women to focus on enhancing their breasts and buttocks if it gives them the needed self-confidence to progress in life.

According to George Lutterodt, God does not frown on body enhancement, therefore any lady who can afford it should rightly go for it.


“If your breast or buttocks is flat, enhance it. For now, if you don’t have money use tennis ball or socks because there is no side effect to using socks under your breast” he said

Contrary to the fears of many about the numerous health hazards people who undergo plastic surgery may be exposed to, the Counselor said, “Everybody knows that on this earth anything you do clinically have their own minimal side effects and so go to the right person for the surgery”.

The Reverend Minister said, there is nothing wrong with enhancing one’s body as the bible even permits the act.


“Go and read Esther 2:12, the bible says, Esther was made up to meet the King” adding that, “critics of body enhancement have a poverty mentality”.

Explaining why people who have enhanced their bodies are shamed and criticized, the relationship expert said, “ Those people like the Sandra Ankobiah, Moesha Boduong are all not confident to accept the fact that they have enhanced their bodies because of the cost implication and also because they are not gainfully employed, it tells you that they practice ‘ashawo’ ” he noted.

According to him, body enhancement promotes healthy competition among young people to look presentable.


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