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Fix the Cedi so people can buy our products – Bamboo and Rattan workers

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Bamboo and Rattan workers in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi have expressed worry that if prudent intervention is not made, their businesses will collapse making hundreds unemployed.

In a media interaction, the Bamboo and Rattan workers revealed from 2010 to 2015, business was good enabling them reinvest in the craft and cater to the needs of their families however from 2016, the instability of the cedi against other global currencies meant the prices the finished products were sold increased making many unable to purchase.


The situation, Mr. Osman Awudu, manager of the artisans submitted leads to no sales on some days compounding the situation.

“We have never faced this kind of hardships before since we got into the business. I believe the rate of the dollar on the market is one major reason why we are experiencing low sales,” Mr. Awudu added.

He called on the Government to stabilize the dollar so locals can purchase their products while exporting as well to rake in foreign currency.



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