Fiifi Music loves his early morning Kooko

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Breakfast is an essential part of living but it seems Ghanaian singer Fiifi Music has a special feeling for millet porridge termed as Kooko.

The singer’s debut single is dedicated to his early morning cravings.


An Alumni of Accra Academy, Fiifi is officially starting his journey as a full-time musician and he is enjoying positive reviews.

How did music start for you?

I was brought up in a music-loving family. I later learned how to play the guitar after writing my BECE and from then I’ve been practicing and writing songs.


In high school, I competed for the Vodafone icon high school edition with my friends and won for my school, Accra Academy. Since then I’ve taken my music professionally.

How will you describe your sound?


My songs are of the mid-tempo or easy listening type and it caters toward the listening musician and progressive music fan. Some are danceable tunes though. It’s a combination of old and new melodies and rhythms heard over the years.

Who or what has been your inspiration?

What really inspires me is the music itself. For me, the good sound quality really touches me although my father is my first inspiration. Soothing melodies and beautiful instrumentation also play a part.

Fiifi Music loves his early morning Kooko.

What inspired your song Kooko Feeling?

The amazing feeling you get from drinking Kooko is the main inspiration for writing the song. I also wanted to celebrate one of Ghana’s popular breakfast ‘Millet porridge’ popularly referred to as Kooko. The song compliments the morning dish and the sides it comes with.

And the fact that people from all walks of life can enjoy the tasty Ghanaian dish is part.

What should fans lookout for in 2021?

They should look out for my new EP release. It’s going to be a great piece. But in the meantime, they should Keep streaming Kooko Feeling, which is available in all the music stores.

I will urge everyone to support good music. I bring out quality music that lives on. Please support Fiifi. I’m on all social media platforms as Fiifi Music, kindly add me up.