Staying natural despite the influx of various wigs seems to be one of the most challenging things for the 21st century lady. It is a widely held belief that the pride of a woman is in her hair and so with that as a premise; a lot of women spend considerable sums of money on purchasing wigs in order to keep their ‘pride’ intact.

Indeed, it’s true that the kind of hairstyle a lady puts on has a considerable effect on her general appearance, and in this era of slaying, most ladies will definitely not trim their hairs as a style. These ladies want to look good, and so they must spend a lot on ultra-modern wigs. However, there are others who do not seem bothered or moved by the wig-in-demand and make female haircuts look so cute.


Probably, they have overly fallen in love with MzVee’s “Natural Girl’ and most often, are spotted in a clean-shaven haircut. And so if you’re looking for inspiration to switch from wearing wigs to spotting haircuts, the following female celebrities can be looked up to.

Emelia Brobbey

Though her switch to music from acting hasn’t gone particularly well, her switch from wigs to clean-shaven haircuts have been quite the opposite! The actress turned singer is a notable celebrity who has in recent times, gained attention for keeping her hair simple with a clean shave. She has stunned a lot of fans with several looks where she’s spotted in a well-shaved hair….and I must say; it’s a sight of beauty. She gives the cut some taste of ‘badness’ with the addition of an ‘aboi’.


Ahuofe Patri

Her real name is Priscilla Opoku Agyemang. She has recently been at the centre of alleged drug abuse emanating from the influence of Kwabena Kwabena. However, the beautiful Patri who stole our hearts during her skits with Kalybos which was titled ‘Boys Kasa’ hasn’t ditched her clean-shaven cuts….errm she did make an attempt to ditch cutting her hair but after several attempts, “it tear her eye top” and she has now returned to her first love; clean-shaven haircuts.



She’s currently the trending topic in Ghana as she unleashed some venom on Ghanaian bloggers, imploring them not to speak about her on their shows. But that’s just some ‘kokonsa’. Wiyaala is a Pan-African who has made it a point to stay true to her African identity and as a result, maintains a clean-shaven cut.

Pamela Odame Watara

A video vixen and heavily chested, Pamela Odame is also one who always ensures that she gets a haircut. She also often posts videos/photos of herself when she’s getting a haircut. She has visited popular barbering saloons such as Men’s Saloon and Scientifik Debarber. She also adds that unmistakable ‘aboi’ to give her the bad gurl looks!


Her real name is Gloria Akpene Nyarku. She was at the receiving end of Wendy Shay’s fury when the latter in response to a ‘Who is Wendy Shay’ got offended and attacker her for asking a ‘dumb question’. She is also a proponent of having short haircuts and has often flooded her social media accounts with such photos.

Juliet Ibrahim

The talented actress is sometimes, takes a trip away from the wigs and goes all-natural with short haircuts which make her extremely gorgeous. In 2017, fans went gaga when she treated them to some impressive hairstyle goals. It was a simple hair cut but with the addition of dyed twists. She wore that hairstyle whiles at the GloMega Music Tour at Ibadan, Nigeria.


Though she hasn’t been able to find her feet following the aftermath of her leaked sex tape, Tiffany can also be remembered because of the hairstyle she opted to go with. Tiffany always ensured that she had a tapered cut with a fade to the sides and an unforgettable Mohawk! I know you’re smiling. You miss her, right?

Feli Nuna

Her real name is Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah. Other names are; Edzoleme, Queen Femcee and Daavi Diva……Yeah, it’s been a while we heard from her, but we believe that she’s preparing to hit her fans with something huge. She is an ‘ambassador’ for short haircuts and is often spotted in a short platinum blonde hair.


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