Fella Makafui Shows off her old photos and it’s crazy charlie

Fella Makafui

The beautiful Actress, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist is giving her fans too much than they can take. Her instagram page is one that every beauty loving person has an eye on and her fame seems not to ever fade away as she keep feeding her fans more than they can take.

Arguably, Fella Makafui’s backside and her well curvy body happens to be one of the nicest in the industry and the young actress is using it all to her advantage.

The hips of Fella in a new intagram photo she posted yesterday definitely has taken social media by storm and made its way onto a number of entertainment blogs.

The young entrepreneur went ahead to feed her followers with some throwback photos and we can’t hide but confess the actress has it all from birth.

Check out some of the throwback photos of Fella Makafui and tell else what you think of her well built and curvy coca cola body.


Fella Makafui
Fella Makafui

Maybe she wanted to also be a basketball player but that didn’t work out, lol. Or she is just a fan of basketball and plays it from time to time. We may have to ask her and probably let her join the Ghana National Basketball team for the next Olympics.

Fella makafui
Fella makafui

We are very certain that shots has definitely made it into the basket.

Fella Makafui
Fella Makafui Looking all Happy

Well truth be told we have never seen her without a smile on her face before. It seems the young actress is just a happy kid with a very beautiful smile.

Fella Makafui and Afia Schwarzenegger
Fella Makafui and Afia Schwarzenegger

She also posed with the loud mouth entertainment figure Afia Schwarzenegger and they are all looking all fly.

We guess this was taken during one of her movie-shots.

Fella Makafui behind the camera
Fella Makafui behind the Camera

Ok Fella Makafui is not just an actress, entrepreneur and a philanthropist but she can also be behind the Cameras when duty calls, lol. But she is really looking cute with the Camera. Don’t you think so?

Here she strategically put one of her philanthropic acts on displace. One of her donations in August 2016. She donated rice, oil and other stuffs.

Fella Makafui
Fella Makafui, The black African Beauty

Well, she was laughing at the shoes herself. This was in 2015 and that shoe was definitely bought at Cantamanto where you may have to search though over 200 shoes just to get one nice one at low cost. lol.

Fella Makafui doing the wall movement

This kind of behind dieee even though i am really bad at drawing, I can draw it without any struggle kraaa. Don’t you just love the young beautiful Fella ?

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