One funny thing about life is that irrespective of how powerful or weak we appear to be, there are multitudes of individual battles that we have to fight. After all, no pain, no gain, right? And even our very own celebrities who appear ‘problem-free’ also have their challenges.

In Ghana, as a result of the weird behaviours exhibited by those who have being diagnosed with the “bipolar disorder”, the disorder had become an issue of grave concern. Bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness or manic depression) is a mental disorder which causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration and the ability to effectively carry out daily tasks.

Here, we’ll have a look at some of our celebrities and famous Ghanaians who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or those who have come out publicly as having the condition;

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

She’s quite a package; At times, she appears to be extremely excited while on other occasions, she appears to have a lot of problems. She has been doing a lot; ranging from stripping down,  threatening to kill herself, admitting that she suffers from depression, having unprotected sex with a man she barely knew.

In 2019, in an interview with Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Joyce confirmed that she has bipolar disorder.

Ibrah Wan

Ibrah Wan was involved in a beef with Kennedy Agyapong. Ibrah One alleged that he had evidence of Ken being corrupt. Ken also accused him of being involved in some fraudulent activities and promised to have him arrested after 48 hours. Shortly after that, Ibrah One threatened to kill Kennedy Agyapong and President Nana Addo.

Ibrah One’s message read; “Ken!!!My gate is going to remain opened like this for 2 solid days. I did this just to show you how messy I am! On the 3rd day, u ppl will start to die. Even that ur stupid short president will look for me just to forgive him”.

However, Ibrah Wan’s brother, Abass Dawud revealed on NET 2 Television that his brother has bipolar disorder and that his attacks on Kennedy Agyapong and President Nana Addo were as a result of a relapse he suffered.

Moira Dawson-Williams

She is one of the baby mamas of Kennedy Agyapong. She is the mother of Anell Agyapong, the deviant daughter of Kennedy Agyapong. Following Kennedy Agyapong’s revelation that Anell was a sex and drug addict who opted to drop out of school instead of to concentrate her university education in the US, Moira went on a rampage. She accused Kennedy Agyapong of a lot of unsavoury doings.

In a video, she threatened to curse the well-known MP. She said that she will use 137 egg and 77 gods of Cape Coast to curse the lawmaker if he doesn’t retract his comments where he accused Anell of being a prostitute and drug addict. In the said video, she also displayed a bottle of schnapps and said that other children of Kennedy Agyapong are also involved in drugs. The ‘curse’ was evoked amid tears and the reading of Psalm 91.

She later apologized and said she has bipolar disorder.

Daniel Duncan-Williams

He is the last born of Action Chapel founder, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. He is known to be very notorious because of the lifestyle he lives which is very contrary to what his highly reputable father stands for. On social media, he often posts videos of his escapades with slay queens as well as videos where he’s seen smoking.

Earlier this year, he grabbed the headlines when he accused his father of being a demon. Following his son’s embarrassing behaviour, Archbishop Duncan-Williams released a statement where he revealed that his son suffers from an acute bipolar disorder. He also implored the media to desist from publishing stories about his son.

Following that statement, Daniel (known on Twitter as Dee Wills) took to his Twitter to apologize to his father for the accusations he levelled against him.

Abena Korkor

She was the talk of town some few years ago when some videos of her were leaked which showed her dancing whiles changing before a mirror. Another one also showed her dancing romantically in public in the presence of numerous guys who fondled her. She is a graduate of UCC.

She revealed that she released those videos herself and that it was because she has a bipolar disorder.

Following Daniel Ducan-Williams’, outburst on social media, Abena commiserated with him, citing that she has not found it easy living with the disorder and that people who live with it need a lot of support.

To support those living with bipolar disorder and other mental health-related issues, she founded an NGO, known as Psychosocial Africa.


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