FAKE NEWS: ‘Door of Return 2020’ not launched by Nigeria

Nigeria's 'Door of Return'
Nigeria's 'Door of Return'


Nigeria copies Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’ idea by launching ‘Door of Return’.




The government of Ghana declared the Year 2019 as a ‘Year of Return’ to mark four hundred years since the first batch of slaves left the shores of Ghana. The campaign saw significant success with lot of diasporans visiting Ghana. Reports indicate that Ghana has bagged at least US$1.9 million in tourism revenue as a result of the ‘Year of Return’.

On January 3, 2020, Ghanaweekend.com in a publication titled Door of Return: Nigeria copies Ghana’ ‘Year of Return’ idea said that Nigeria has also launched ‘The Door of Return 2020’.

Below is how Ghanaweekend.com reported the story:

A few days after wrapping up the Year of Return celebration in Ghana, the Nigerian government has also instituted plans to roll out the same programme in Nigeria. The Year of Return was a programme by the Ghanaian government which sought to create an opportunity for Africans in the Diaspora to visit Ghana. This was to mark 400 years since the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Already, the government has recorded very high numbers of tourists coming into Ghana in 2019. It is estimated that the government has raked in $1.9 billion from the programme. The Nigerian government is also following suit.

The story stems from viral images on social media purporting to be a press release by the Nigerian government. Several Ghanaian news websites have published the false story and has since gone viral with twitter users trolling Nigeria for ‘copying everything Ghana does’.

Nigerians and Nigerian news outlets have confirmed to Asembi.com that Nigeria has not launched any ‘Door of Return’. Not a single a news website in Nigeria has a publication on such initiative.

Image showing objectives of Nigeria's 'Door of Return'
Image showing objectives of ‘fake’ Nigeria’s ‘Door of Return’