Factors responsible for Wendy Shay’s success revealed

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She has quite a healthy ego as she views herself as the queen of Ghana’s music. She’s not so much adored, but the truth is that in the last 5 years, she has been the most outstanding female artiste. And in this industry which is dominated by men (I don’t know why) she is the only one who has given these men a run for their money by releasing hit songs consistently. It is too early, but so far, it is safe to say Wendy Shay came, has seen and has conquered.


Success has no magic wand, and to different people, there are several factors which account for their success, so here, we’ll take a closer look at Wendy Addo, known by the stage name, Wendy Shay.

Remember that interview with MzGee when Wendy Shay lost her cool and referred to a question asked by the journalist as a ‘dumb question’? The question was ‘who is Wendy Shay?’ At the time Wendy Shay was viewed by many as the new ‘Ebony’ instead of ‘Wendy Shay’ as she would have preferred. This was because Wendy Shay came onto the music scene not long after the death of Ebony. As a result, the sympathy from Ghanaians was high.


Shay’s debut single, ‘Uber Driver’ was released on 1st June 2018, 3 months after the death of Ebony. The song was released together with its official video on the same day and in the video, it was clear that Wendy Shay had taken on an Ebony-esque modus operandi.

Wendy Shay’s success cannot be complete without the mention of her manager, Bullet. Bullet did prove that he has the eye of an eagle. Actually, Wendy Shay is a nurse by profession, and she was a midwife prior to her relocation to Ghana. Bullet was swift, realized the talent in her and pounced on her like a lion would prey before anyone else could reach her.


Also, Bullet’s ability to read Ghanaians and in effect, producing what they wanted is superb. The video of ‘Uber Driver’ was funny as it was real; men and boys alike couldn’t take their eyes off the booty of Wendy Shay when she passed by them. It was a scene many people related to, and so, with Ebony at the back of their mind, they began to patronize Wendy Shay.

Another similarity with Ebony

As people berated Ebony for promoting promiscuity, she came up with ‘Maame Hw3’ which was a hit. Shay followed in the same vein. People began criticizing her for her ‘bad gurl’ tendency and in as much as it is difficult to keep everyone satisfied, with the management of Bullet, the attention of Ghanaians was sustained again. This was after the release of ‘Masakra’. Wendy Shay portrayed a ‘bad girl’ who had changed from her bad ways, just like Ebony did with ‘Maame Hw3’.

Plaudits must be given to Bullet’s songwriting skills. On several occasions, he has proved that he is very versatile and just knows what Ghanaians need at any particular point in time.

Shay’s ego has also played a huge factor in her success. Another artiste who has successfully walked down that road of ego/controversy is Shatta Wale. They are good friends, and so definitely she has learnt a trick or two from him.

After the Shay concert, which was largely viewed as successful, Shay made a huge claim. Via Instagram, she wrote, ‘Dem say we go flop???? Come see crowd???? Don’t mess with the HOTTEST and Richest QUEEN of GHANA MUSIC’.

She has never shied away from making such bold claims and considering the fact that she hasn’t been around for long, most people get ‘offended’ by her apparent pride and ego. The criticisms beginning to flow but in every ‘disgrace, there is grace’ and so the ripple effect is that the more she is criticized on social media, the more her name trends and her popularity keeps soaring.

Aside from this, she has made several controversial tweets which ended up making her trend on Twitter. None can downplay the essence of social media in making/unmaking an artiste, and so she has found her way to harness that to her advantage.

In all, Wendy Shay’s success can be attributed to the following; Ebony’s death, Bullet’s influence and songwriting skills as well as her ability to court the attention of social media.

Can we count on her for Ghana’s first Grammys?


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