Dear our modern day Squealer – Kevin Taylor,

So I listened to you in one of your sordid video attempting to explain away you mercenary antics and also reject the fact that you’re on a $20,000 monthly payroll from the John Mahama court.


Indeed it was a jaw dropping experience and I still can’t believe that you have come through with over seven different videos simply denying that you’re a rented practitioner doing the bidding of your god-Mahama.

What do you take Ghanaians for? As INCORRIGIBLE as you’re, do you think your arm-chair criticism of the Akufo-Addo regime has any effect? Do you honestly think we don’t know the difference between a journalist doing an impartial work and a rented practitioner? Some of us have known you and your antics way before concrete facts emanated revealing how, your hungry and pathetic self begged to be on the John Mahama defence team and a hatchet man.

We know it all, and it came as no surprise when you metamorphosed from a normal journalist into a mercenary one.


It is true you have done some work in the past as a normal practitioner but what has changed? That is point. Following the money, huh?

You have no shame Kevin Taylor. And in your bid to earn the unenviable PhD (Pull-him-downism) you have become an epitome of a reprobate and always on hand to present baseless and gratuitous thesis which gravely ran foul of the parameters of logic, intellectualism and good sense.

Why do you have to keep defending yourself with the work you did in the past? It hurts so much that you’ve been caught hands down for being a rented practitioner with a $20,000 monthly paycheck from Mahama?


How does it feel for the head of a Mahama puppet like you to be on chopping board?

This is just the beginning of the end for you, Kelvin Taylor. Your final obituary will be written after 2020 when your god-Mahama is reduced to ashes. And by that time, your lies, fabrications, shenanigans and political rhetorics will be nailed to your coffin.

Go and figure this out from the infamous “Muntie 3.”

In any case, the state department is closing in on you for your nefarious and criminal activities, and sooner than later, you will come dancing naked in front of the Ghanaian people.

You claim you have a so-called dossier on me, and that you will finish me off. I am waiting impatiently and I hope this won’t be another one of your theatrics just like the numerous allegations you’ve made against our leaders with promises to come back with evidence but have failed so far.

Your numerous allegations are bogus and lack merit, so responding to same is a waste of time and space. The Akufu-Addo government has no time to debunk blatant fallacies. We are focused on delivering on our deliverables.

The Akufo-Addo regime is busy solving real problems, we don’t have time for fabricated allegations. Today, a poor peasant farmer, Iddrisu Mahama from Bole Bomboi is able to educate his child at Achimota College because of Free SHS. The same way Kofi Nyonato, a mere truck pusher from Akpafu is now a proud father of a child at Wesley Girls Secondary school as a result of Free SHS.

So far, the government have reduced electricity tariffs – 17.5% for Households, 30% for Industries….established the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO)…. created jobs and stopped the freeze on recruitment in the public sector….restored Nursing and Teacher Training Allowances….abolished excise duty on petroleum….implemented the Free Senior High School policy… implemented the Ghana TVET Voucher Project.

Akufo-Addo also solved ‘Dumsor’

hydra-headed problem bequated him as a result of the incompetence of John Mahama.

This is what governance is all about and Akufo-Addo is delivering on his mandate.

Tell your boss Mahama to forget about it. There is no way Mahama would win power again in this country. You can take it or leave it.

Kelvin, it is the last warning. Next, you want to take people on, make sure it is against gods with clay feet or you end up as microdot at the footnote of history.

I shall return.


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