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‘Enough of the daily lies, walk your talk’ – NPP told

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Member of the National Democratic Congress [NDC] communications team has lashed out at the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) for bragging on projects they know cannot be executed nor have any idea about how it can be implemented.

According to him it is the best decision for government to develop our Zongo communities in a modern way, but it must be done in the right way to benefit residents in the area and not the other way round as claimed by people of the area.


Anim Piesie on UTV’s ‘Adekye Nsroma’ show argued that members of the NPP always brag with big projects but never get them executed because they don’t calmly solicit for funds to embark on their estimated projects, but behave as if they already have the funds.

“ . . How do you obtain help when you always create the impression as if you are well-off to embark on your estimated projects which never materialize,” he noted.

On the other hand he rated members of the NDC as very humble and not braggarts.


The NDC communicator charged communicators of the ruling government to be factual and truthful in their submissions to save them from unwarranted pressure.

“Be truthful on issues addressed as you focus on the work to be done than enjoying to talk to every issue . . . Enough of the daily lies, walk your talk,” he added.


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