Eno Barony vs Sista Afia: Eno Barony fired at Medikal and Sista Afia in “Argument done” at a glance

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Sensational rapper, Eno Barony, looked to kill two birds, thus Medikal and Sista Afia, with a stone as she releases her diss track, “Argument Done”.

In the song, she delivered bars upon bars and all but laid claim to her throne as the Queen of Ghana’s rap kingdom.  Asembi.com takes a look at some hot shots she hurled at Medikal and Sista Afia.

Shots fired at Sista Afia

  1. Eno ridiculed Sista Afia’s musical career when she said, ‘your career never make a pesewa so how you go fit make sense?’
  2. Eno mocked Sista Afia’s sagging breasts and stature when she said, ‘nantwie ah wu nufu twitwi f3m, wun checki weight’ which means a cow whose breasts are ‘sweeping’ the ground, won’t you check your weight?
  3. Eno touched on Sista Afia’s rumoured love of sexual promiscuity and said, ‘wu di3 wr)wr), asi3 h) beedi thread’ which means Sista Afia should keep letting down her pants, soon her vagina will have to be tightened with a thread.
  4. Here, Eno touched on Sista Afia’s alleged use of surgery to enhance her hips. Eno gave ‘shout outs to her heavy weight queens’ and stabbed Sista Afia when she concluded in a message which means, not those who have stashed mattresses in their hips.

Shots fired at Medikal

  1. It is rumoured that Medikal wrote ‘You Got Nerves’ for Sista Afia. To that Eno replied, ‘wu Sowutuom ghost writer na mehia nu akyi ayam’ which means she (Eno) is even looking for Medikal (whom we know stays at Sowutuom) to fry and grind. Ouch!
  2. Eno also branded Medikal as a coward (‘b33ma koto banku’) who hides behind ladies to throw shots. Eno dared Medikal to face her if he’s man enough.
  3. Eno said, ‘y3 p3 nsa agyi asraa ah wusi kutr3 nsa’. Here, Eno used the analogy of a lizard using its hand to pick snuff (which is a cos 90 venture) because most of the snuff the lizard picks will fall off and in effect, descended on Medikal’s lyrics, labelling them as wack.
  4. This was the pick of the pack. Again, Eno descended on Medikal’s ‘weak’ lyrical prowess when she said, ‘your punches are medically weak. Don’t try me, I swear, I am strong, meeern!’