Actor Robert Nana Koduah says he has been denied a lot of acting and advertising opportunities after he ‘campaigned’ for former president John Dramani Mahama in a series of adverts prior to the 2016 general elections.

His chain of commercials at the time introduced popular and funny slogans like ‘Edey beee k3k3’ and ‘No abaabas3’, which urged Ghanaians not to go back for the NPP, which was then in opposition.


In an interview with‘s Owusu Worae, the actor laments life has been difficult for him after shooting the advertisement.

“It was very hectic, calls here and there, messages threatening you and a whole lot…I lost a lot of friends and loved ones.”

He said brands and companies no longer want to use him for their commercials because of his endorsement in the advert, a situation he says is unfair to him and other actors and celebrities who go through similar situations.


“You know, the likes of Jay Z, Rihanna and what have you do endorse presidential aspirants in the United States. So why is it wrong in Ghana here? When an actor or musician endorses a figure, it becomes something.”

“Because of what I did, I have really lost a lot of gigs. It is too much, why will you not use me because I did an advert for a particular party when you know this guy is good for your product.”

Asked if he is open to shooting any more political commercials, Nana Koduah said as a professional, he will not turn down an offer to do what he loves to do best.


The actor shot a number of adverts for brands like Kasapreko, Tigo and a few others in the past, but he says business has been slow since his endorsement of the former president, who eventually lost the 2016 elections.


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