soccer betting
soccer betting

The Super Bowl is only a few months away, and it’s easily the biggest sports betting day in the United States. Many new bettors begin sports betting each year on the big game, but that isn’t always the best strategy. 


If you are already following NFL odds live then you’re already in the perfect mindset to take a closer look at the upcoming Super Bowl. You won’t find a more profitable time to do this as the Future odds are constantly shifting. 


Futures betting is popular when it comes to all sports, but football always seems to draw the most attention. If you think that you already have a good idea of what team will win the Super Bowl then it’s time to get those wagers in. 


Not only is it worth your time to make a bet on the eventual Super Bowl champion, but you should also explore each conference as well. You are going to have to wait for some time before you get your payouts, but it would be a nice reward to collect at the end of the NFL season. 


There are a few tips to remember when it comes to futures betting, particularly as it relates to the NFL. 


Always Look For Value


Anytime that you are making a futures bet, you are always looking for value in the odds. It might make sense to simply pick the betting favorite, but that’s not always a good strategy. 


First of all, there are upsets in the Super Bowl all of the time and you can’t simply count on the best team to win the game. Second, you are giving yourself a small payout by blindly betting on the favorite as opposed to trying to hit on an underdog pick.


If you are going to bet on the favorite then you need to watch the odds closely and wait until there is some value there. 

No Rule Against Backing Multiple Teams


Another thing to keep in mind when betting futures is that you are able to pick multiple teams to win the Super Bowl. Of course that will ultimately take some money from your bankroll because there can only be just one winner. 


As long as you calculate the potential winnings from what you are wagering then taking a few teams to win the title isn’t a bad strategy at all. Using different sportsbooks and taking advantage of odds boosts for these wagers would be taking this strategy to an even better level. 

Parlay Three Legs


If you really think that you have a solid handle on the current NFL season then it would make sense to parlay multiple legs into one large futures wager. You are going to have to find a sportsbook that will allow you to do this, because some may not allow it. 


Picking both conference champions and the Super Bowl winner would result in a large payout at the end of the season. Of course you are also adding on plenty of risk when using this strategy, but it could be worth it in a big way.

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