Lawyer for some aggrieved Menzgold customers, Amanda Clinton

A lawyer for some aggrieved Menzgold customers, Amanda Clinton, has asked government to ignore the appeal from lawyers for the CEO of Menzglod Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), for the revocation of the Interpol Red Alert on their client.

Lawyers of Nana Appiah Mensah had written to the government asking for the revocation of the Alert which they claimed had caused his continuous detention in the United Arab Emirates.


Speaking on Eyewitness News, Amanda Clinton said if NAM1 is released by the UAE police, the chances of him evading Ghanaian officials and law is high.

“Nana Appiah Mensah is a huge flight risk because he has the means and has access to private jets, people can issue passports and try and get it to him and we cannot take that risk, because he has some serious charges of fraud by false pretenses to answer to the Ghanaian authority. He needs to be on the Ghanaian soil to submit to authority under the jurisdiction,” she said.

In a statement, last week the company urged government to consider a bail bond of revoking the Interpol alert.


Notices have been sent to all 194 Interpol states for Mr. Appiah Mensah’s arrest.

“Among other pertinent factual issues raised with supporting documents, we urged the government to respectfully revoke the Interpol Red Notice Order or agree to a bail bond for the immediate release of our Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold,” the statement from Menzgold’s management appealed.

Mr. Appiah Mensah was picked up in Dubai by Interpol in January 2019 after he was cleared of charges of fraud by a Dubai court.


These charges were not related to the company’s commitments to thousands of customers who are demanding their investments.

At the moment, the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has frozen properties of Menzgold as well as other associated companies.

The associated companies include; the Menzgold Office Complex, Zylofon Art Complex, Brew Marketing Consult, Star Madrid Football Club, Zylofon Music and media company, Brew Energy Company Limited, G- Tech automobile service.


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