Displaying My Raw Skin On Social Media Doesn’t Cause Cedi Depreciation – Sister Debbie

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Ghanaian musician, Sister Deborah says cautioning females against the wearing of mini-skirt to help curb rape activities doesn’t make sense to her.

According to her, she thinks what a girl chooses to wear is no excuse for any man to rape her.


She explained that anyone with a clear conscience and a clean mind wouldn’t rape one wearing a mini or a short skirt.

“It is like telling me not to wear a nice shirt or use a nice phone because it will be stolen. This is total nonsense, because if you steal or you rape it is a sin and anyone with a good mind will not do that. Besides, we should be dressing according to the weather; why should we suffer in this weather wearing a suit and tie all the time?” she quizzed.

Speaking on Accra FM on Thursday, she added that no one has the right to anybody’s body and therefore shouldn’t be affected when anyone decides to show some skin.


“Does exposing my skin chock the gutters with dirt? Does it cause the cedi to drop? I mean I don’t see why exposing my skin should affect anyone,” she stated.

Sister Debbie claimed her lifestyle depicts she is the best role model Ghanaians could ever have.

“I am the best role model anyone can have in the world because I like the truth and it’s very difficult to find honest people like me generally in our part of the world,” Sister Debbie concluded.


Sister Derby |
Photo source: Instagram