Do you remember the fierce rivalry which existed between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy? Will there be any collaboration bigger in our music industry than a Shatta-Stone collaboration? Do we have enough reasons to believe that Shatta-Sark are moving on the same pedestal as Shatta-Stone and will sooner rather than later, smoke the peace pipe? Is Shatta Wale and Sarkodie at ‘war’ like we are being made to believe?

Shatta-Sark used to be a very profound brotherhood until the claims of Shatta Wale set in. But Shatta Wale is quite the personality; he doesn’t seem to care about what he’ll do in order to ensure that his project becomes a success.


Before the release of Shatta Wale’s Reign album, he embarked on a media tour in order to promote the Album. During one of such tours, he made some comments about Sarkodie. That was not the first time he had been throwing sand into the gari of Sarkodie and all the while, Sarkodie had kept mute. However, this time around, an offended Sarkodie didn’t keep mute. Sarkodie released the diss-track, ‘Advice’ to spite Shatta Wale (and probably prevent his Reign Album Launch from being a success).

Some entertainment pundits did predict that the success of the Reign Album launch will be affected by Sarkodie’s ‘Advice’. However, it didn’t happen as the launch of the Reign Album turned out to become a very successful event.

Today, Shatta Wale has put a huge smile on the faces of most Ghanaians as he was featured in Beyonce’s ‘Already’ music video. The video is part of her Lion King: the Gift music album which was released in 2019.


Even though Shatta Wale’s feature is the most talked about in the media presently, there’s still the Ace Hood-Sark incident where the American rapper, Ace Hood accused Sarkodie of lying about how they came together to sing ‘New Guy’. Sarkodie and Ace Hood collaborated to sing ‘New Guy’ in June 2015.

In an interview Sarkodie granted to promote the song some years ago, Sarkodie claimed that Acehood reached out to his team for the collaboration. Sarkodie said, “Such a call makes you feel like a prank but I got a call from my agent in the States who told me Ace Hood contacted. However, in reaction to the video, Ace Hood accused Sarkodie of being untruthful. Ace Hood tweeted, “A lie smh. But I wish him well”.


It can be recalled that in 2015, Ace Hood revealed that Sarkodie paid him an amount of $25,000 before he agreed to feature on the song. Ace Hood’s tweet read, “let me find out niggas spreading false rumors! When dat 25k hit my acc the feature got done! I don’t play dem games”.

Isn’t it quite problematic that this issue will pop up again at this time when we’re all basking in Shatta Wale’s newly found glory? Is Shatta-Sark really no more?  What about that birthday wish from Shatta Wale to Sarkodie on a show which was hosted by Andy Dosty?

What is Sarkodie up to? Is it right to think that this ‘beef’ with Ace Hood has been dug up in order to limit the relevance of Shatta Wale’s Already video with Beyonce? Note that a lot of entertainment pundits were unhappy when Sarkodie released ‘Advice’. Why? They bemoaned the lack of timing from Sarkodie. They just didn’t understand why after several months of coping with Shatta Wale’s ‘misdemeanour’ he rather chose a period where Shatta was about to launch his album to release a diss track?

Or perhaps, Is it also right to assume that Shatta-Sark are still very well in touch and are just toiling with the minds of Ghanaians? On the other side, can we also think that Sarkodie’s Advice was instrumental in generating the much-needed hype for Shatta’s Reign Album?

Why is Sarkodie’s ‘disagreement’ with Ace Hood popping up at this particular point? Perhaps, Sark wants to ride on Shatta’s shoulders to achieve a greater good?

For now, nothing is clear so let’s assume that all these incidences have nothing to do with each other and they are just what they seem to be; COINCIDENCES.


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