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Death of Kumawood Actor Abass Blinkz: What knows so far

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Ghanaian actor Abass Nurudeen popularly known among his colleagues as Blinks was stabbed to death on Wednesday November 7, 2018 at Akurem, a suburb between Aboabo and Sawaaba in Kumasi.

Images of the lifeless body of Blinkz have since gone viral on social media but the events leading to the murdering of the actor looks obscure as several stories flying around give different scenarios. compares the Police’s statement and rumours and have readers connect the dots.


Police Statement

“This morning around 10:30am, a young man who is popularly known and called in Kumasi by the name Blinkz, an actor with Kumawood and a worker at Acheamfour Terminal visited his master’s house at Akurem where he met the master’s wife and brother exchange words. He found it worrying and tried to intervene however, the brother to his master’s wife took offence with his intervention which eventually turned into a fight.

Brother to the master’s wife and another guy present then attacked Blinkz with knives and in the action stabbed him. One stabbed him in the ribs and the other sliced him in the back, he fell and collapsed. He was immediately rushed to the Manhyia Hospital where he was pronounced dead minutes later”, Manhyia Divisional Commander, ACP Kwaku Buah narrated.


What are others saying?

Few minutes after the incident, there were rumours on various social media platforms sighted by that Blinkz has been killed by the ‘side-guy’ of his girlfriend. While others could not boldly say there was a girlfriend issue involved, they chose to say there was a woman in the picture.


Chain messages circulated on WhatsApp also described the women in the picture as sisters of Blinkz who allegedly set him up for the incident.

Another audio in circulation  by someone claiming to be an eyewitness listened by reporters sounds more vivid and convincing. According to the lady speaking in the audio, the wives of a late polygamous man were sharing the man’s properties which led to exchange of words. The lady added that there was a man in the house who happens to be Abass’ friend fighting the wives of the late polygamous man.

So Abass was called in by a woman in the house to come and settle the dispute. The audio said that the actor upon arrival asked the friend “why are you fighting women?”. This is said to have angered the friend who chased Abass with a cutlass and knife. “Abass was blocking the knife with a shovel and a brother to Abass’ friend came from nowhere to stab him in the back. Abass fell when he tried to run. They stabbed him again in the ribs”, the unknown lady narrated in the audio.


Connecting the dots and Discrepancies

The Police say Abass visited the house of his Master and met the wife exchanging words with her brother. Is Abass’ master the late polygamous man the lady mentioned in the audio? If NO, then the lady in the audio is lying since the cause of the verbal exchanges between the wife and the brother of the master would have nothing to do with the sharing of the polygamous man’s properties.

OR was the Police too quick to come out and did not notice that the woman in question may not be the Master’s wife? What prevented the Police from announcing the cause of the verbal exchanges between the Master’s wife and brother?

One thing in common among all the rumours and Police’s report is that there is a woman in the picture. Has the said woman been arrested to aid the Police in investigation? The Police in a statement said they know the guys involved but refused to mention their names. Why so?

According to the audio in circulation and the Police report, they cast doubts that Abass’ death has anything to do with a girlfriend unless may be the two are secretly admiring one woman and the guy decided to use this ‘opportunity’ to take his life.

Who is this woman in question? Is she Abass’ girlfriend? Wife of Abass’ Master? A sister? Wife of the late Polygamous man? Just a friend in that house?

Is the Police going to take a statement from this woman which would help clarify the whole incident? Who would be blamed if the woman runs away or commits suicide without having her interrogated?

Though the Police did not invite people with information to share, if you have more details about the incident, contact the Police hotline on 18555. It’s free.