The controversial Marriage Guidance Counsellor and Reverend Minister, Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt has revealed that he visits the cemetery every three months to commit his soul into the hands of the departed souls for protection.

Counsellor Lutterodt, who was speaking on the Discussion Segment of the January 20, 2019 UTV’s “Who Killed Libia” explained that he visits the cemetery to commune with the departed souls and recommit his soul to them for their care.


He added that he asks these departed souls to thwart any effort by an enemy who decides to send him (Counsellor Lutterodt) to his early grave as he makes them understand that he’s not ready yet to join them.

According to him, he believes based on scientific research that these departed souls used just 5% of their brains while alive, hence, possess all the powers there to protect him by.

The controversial “Man of God” also endorsed gambling on the show. He argued that there’s nothing wrong with a pastor to give out “lotto” numbers as it’s a way to better other people’s lives.


He also endorsed some weird prophecies such as “bathing wives of other men by some prophets”. He added that, some “men of God” are against these kind of prophecies because the prophecies weren’t revealed to them.

Lutterodt also advised women who get support from men in their operations with the condition of marriage to take whatever the support may be but never marry such men as they’ll never know peace in such unions.

On the other hand, his fellow “Man of God”, Prophet Kumchacha, the Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry disagreed with all the stands the Counsellor cum Reverend Minister took.


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