Could someone stop this Vodafone 4G nonsense?

“Like seriously?”, Funny Face says in their commercial.

After struggling with my Vodafone’s internet to get on Facebook, I was greeted with news on the launch of Vodafone 4G service few days to come. Like seriously?, I asked in Funny Face’s voice.

Are these Telcos regulated at all? OH OK there’s a National Communications Authority and YES Ursula Owusu is the Minister of Communications. Sometimes I wonder if these our ministers do travel at all or they just enjoy playing games with us. Don’t they see what we call 3G or 4G when in other countries?

Why should we even think of 4G when we are not even done with -1G yet? What’s their interest? Are they cashing in some way? I just don’t understand.

So Vodafone Ghana won one lot out of the three to begin 4G operations. Check the current state of Vodafone’s internet service. How are they delivering this 3G service that we are trusting them to deliver 4G? Something must be going that we don’t know.

I just can’t believe myself that heads and ministers at the NCA and Communications Ministry are actually looking forward to this. So what makes them think that Vodafone can deliver 4G better than 3G?

Only God knows how I managed to use Vodafone’s internet to publish this.

Well, below is the picture of Ursula Owusu, Minister of Communications.

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