Coronavirus: Was Gary Al Smith discharged just to stop him from exposing the government further?

Gary Al Smith
Gary Al Smith

Joy FM’s Sports Journalist Gary Al Smith is not just into sports now but has taken a keen interest in discussing topical issues in the country that needs immediate attention. Since the COVID 19 pandemic hit Ghana, Gary has been on his toes, pointing out certain things that should be done through his social media platforms. It started when he raised some pertinent questions on the testing capacity, which was run per day by Noguchi memorial Institute and other testing centres.

This indeed did not go down well with many party faithful of the New Patriotic Party as they felt he was not paying attention to details, exposing the government, siding and conniving with the National Democratic Congress to bring the current administration down. Gary never relents in his effort but proceeded to ask questions on whether the country tested over 68,000 persons in just 21 days.

Well, some of the questions were answered while some are yet to be considered. Fast forward the Journalist was admitted to the University of Ghana Medical Centre because he had contracted the virus, and just after six days, the maverick media personnel was discharged. Surprising right?

Following his admission to the hospital, he never relented on his journalistic skill and duty as he kept calling on officials to lay down proper structures and policies directed at safeguarding the lives of Ghanaians and the frontline workers directly battling with the Novel coronavirus. Days back, he called on the government to provide PPE,s to the frontline workers of UGMC.

These workers lacked the equipment but failed to man up to speak out. He also revealed that the Frontline workers were not fed properly compared to that of the patients in the medical centre. Definitely government in power will not be happy with some of these remarks from him but would have no option than to reach out to these frontline workers. So we ask was he just discharged because he was seen to be exposing the government in power or he has really recovered?.

Was he really discharged on the grounds of fully recovered from the disease? If yes how possible could that be in just 4-5 days? A puzzle we all need to solve is asking whether the government is reacting to claims on the lips of Ghanaians that the sports journalist was sent there by multimedia to bring out thought-provoking issues concerning the state of our health sector in our country.