Coronavirus: Ghanaian Celebrities who were put under mandatory quarantine

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie
Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie

Some Ghanaian celebrities who left the shores of Ghana before the closure of the borders due to the coronavirus pandemic were left stranded in Europe and other continents. Upon their arrival back home, they were put under mandatory quarantine, a directive from the president instituted to prevent and contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus also known as COVID -19 pandemic.

In this article, we are looking at some of the Ghanaian celebrities (if not all), who were quarantined and later shared their experiences.

Gifty Anti

Gifty Anti

The popular television broadcaster was put under mandatory quarantine by the state regardless of her status. She was part of British Airways passengers who arrived at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) prior to the closure of the airport.  Gifty Anti tested negative for the virus after undertaking her first and second tests.

She announced to the public that her first laboratory test results came out negative and the same for the second test. She was quarantined due to the exposure of the new Coronavirus in the United Kingdom. Gifty Anti revealed that the quarantine period was not as pleasant as the only human contact was the fully PPE-clothed health officials who came to take their samples for testing. She expressed her joy after she was later asked to go home.

Sarkodie and family

After being stranded abroad for over three months, rapper Sarkodie and family finally arrived in Ghana a week ago. This came after the rapper had called on authorities to open the boarders after they were closed in March to reduce the spread of the disease. Sarkodie, Tracy, Titi and their newborn baby arrived in Ghana safely and have been put under mandatory quarantine.

The wife of the rapper, Tracy seem not to be happy with how they are treated at the quarantine centre subtly indicating that their state is worse than a prisoner behind bars. Regardless, the concerns from the wife of not being treated fairly, the family has no choice than to stick to the government directives until the 14-day period elapses.

Elikem Kumordzie

Elikem Kumordzie
Elikem Kumordzie

The celebrity tailor was also placed under mandatory quarantine and released after he tested negative for the virus. The Big brother contestant was among some 1,030 persons who were under the compulsory quarantine by the government to be tested after they arrived in the country.

Elikem also opened up to Ghanaians through social media platforms that he was under the mandatory quarantine. He shared the news to his Instagram followers, and according to him, he tested negative for both the first and the second tests for COVID-19.

The actor created an Instagram radio show which fetched him the name DJ Quarantine. According to Elikem, he wished he was even quarantined in Zimbabwe so he could spend quality time with his son, Tristan.

Elikem resurfaced days after his release with his branded nose masks. Ghanaians defended on him for overpricing his nose masks.


Ghanaian rapper, Guru, finally landed in the country this past week after months of being stuck abroad due to coronavirus. He is expected to undergo mandatory quarantine. He took to social media to indicate that “it feels good to be back home.” Per the records, the musician would have to agree and be placed under mandatory quarantine for two weeks with which he would be tested for coronavirus. If he tests negative, he will be asked to go home; if he tests positive, he will receive treatment until he recovers.

Initially, those who were put under mandatory quarantine enjoyed Hotel accommodation and meals provided by the government. The likes of Gifty Anti and Elikem were part of the 1000s of passengers who benefited from this provision by the Government. The government received positive reviews for placing arriving passengers in top hotels in the city free of charge. Videos of beneficiaries expressing their joy flooded social media. Everyone enjoys freebies. I am also reliably informed that some Ghanaians evacuated from Lebanon and currently placed under mandatory quarantined are privileged to be enjoying free accommodation and meals from the government.

However, the situation has changed. Sarkodie, his family and all others who arrived with him are paying for their accommodation and meals. Because they are paying for themselves this time around, no positive reviews are coming out LOL… Tracy Sarckcess is rather comparing the experience to that of Prisoners. Isn’t this interesting? Share your views with me in the comment box below.

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