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CONFIRMED: Appietus Steps Down From The MUSIGHA Presidency Race To Target The Youth

Stephen Creppy, the protégé of Appietus and a pundit on Zylofon’s Showbiz Agenda, has confirmed that his boss – Appietus – has stepped down from the MUSIGHA Presidency race.

Creppy, who declined to the notion that Appietus’ decision to step down has to do with his fear of losing in the election as the host of the Showbiz Agenda show, Sammy Flex puts it, explained that wasn’t the reason. According to him, the decision was borne out of the believe that the current MUSIGHA administration has side-lined the youth in the industry and dealing more with the older generation and he, Appietus, as a president can’t lead such a union.

Creppy revealed that, Appietus who is trying to go the Kwame Nkrumah way, “believes that there are not enough initiatives and programs that are tangible enough for the young people in the industry to engage MUSIGHA or if they want to engage MUSIGHA”.

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“With Appietus National Music Production Project, its helping to bring the youth together and they have a feel that we are doing this to help them as individuals and musicians, up and coming, and really give them something to look forward to and hope (for). This is because they know that we can produce a hundred more talents every year as up and coming musicians, that we’ll bring into the industry. And by so doing, we believe if we are able to do all the 16 regions, we’ll be able to bring that euphoria back, that youthfulness back into the musician union. So, before he takes over as a the president, he’ll use his time to amass the youth, gain popularity, bring them together in unison so that he becomes a meaningful MUSIGHA president, who actually bring initiatives and programs to affect the lives and careers of these young musicians, rather than being a MUSIGHA president for a musician union which has mistrust for the youth and which has programs that are geared towards the older generation, which is not a problem but a fine balance has to be created”, Creppy further explained.

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Appietus, born Appiah Dankwah who is an Accra-based Ghanaian musician, music producer and sound engineer, has since 2015 being unsuccessfully trying to ascend the throne of MUSIGHA.

He has been the winner of six music industry awards in the 10-year span of his career. He won the Ghana Music Honours’ 2015 Best Music Producer and Sound Engineer award; Sun Shine Music Awards’ 2010 Best Sound Engineer award and the UK Ghana Music Awards’ Best Sound Engineer in 2008. His remarkable work has also led him to represent the country in some international programs including WOMEX 2013 in Wales, UK and Worldtronics in Berlin, Germany, 2012.

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