Coming 2 America 2: Is McDowell’s A Real Restaurant?

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McDowell is the fictitious restaurant in the movie Coming 2 America. McDowell was owned by Cleo McDowell and managed by her daughter, Akeem’s wife. The restaurant was located in Queens and served as the workplace for Akeem and Semmi. Cleo McDowell always had issues with the owners of McDonald’s over copyright infringement.

Photo credit: Secrets of Los Angeles

McDowell served “Big Mick”, two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions meal. The significant role of McDowell in Coming 2 America made most movie lovers wonder if the restaurant is a real place. McDowell is located at the then Hollywood location of Fat Sal’s as it has been transformed into McDowell’s. Like in Coming 2 America, movie lovers can grab dishes like The Big Mick, and Zamunda Fries in real life.


The cast of Coming 2 America 2

The casts of Coming 2 America 2 includes; Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Asensio Hall, John Amos, John Earl, Leslie Jones, Louie Anderson, and a host of others.