Christians Have Been Brain washed-Says Rex Omar

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Rex Omar, a Ghanaian musician says Christians have been brainwashed and are made to think in a particular way without asking questions.

The musician who describes himself as a Christian stated that God is too big in him to be limited and added that he is a God fearing person who is closer to God and loves God.

When asked on whether he raised his children in Christianity, he stated that he trained them to be open-minded because he believes in democracy and thinks every human being deserves to be left to be on their own, discover themselves and their God.

Speaking on the Delay show on Sunday, he added that he has trained his children to the extent that they are independent and so if any child of his whom he has taken care of decides to get pregnant without thinking then its none of his business.

He also revealed that he is not a difficult person like people think but it is just a perception people have about him because he is a nonconformant.