“Chacha Ike Is Fine And Safe With Me” – Her brother Aik Eke has revealed

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The brother of the Nollywood actress Chacha Ike, Aik Eke has revealed that his sister’s health is gradually improving and she is safe in his home.

Following the admission of Chacha in a hospital, some Nigerians suggested to him to go for his sister before her situation deteriorates any further. Others also chastised him for resorting to social media in seeking justice for his sister.

Reacting to the views from social media users, Aik Eke lashed out for those telling him to go to the hospital to take the lead to see ” the version of Chacha that is in hospital”.


What exactly that means is still unclear. He may be speaking in relation to the earlier video released by Chacha that she had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He has come out again to disclose that his sister is safe with him and is fine.

See his recent post, things turned Biblical as he said;


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