Chacha Eke warns elder brother to stay away from her husband and children

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Popular Nollywood Actress, Chacha Eke, has warned her elder brother, Aik Eke severely, to keep his distance when it comes to her husband and children.

Aik Eke recently came out to publicly announce the health issues his sister is battling with. This closely follows issues that have been trending on the internet for several days now after the 27-year-old actress took to social media to announce the breakdown of her marriage. The actress suffered a relapse afterwards which landed her at the hospital.

The ‘Black Val’ actress disclosed in a video she released that, her brother’s interference in her marriage doesn’t sit well with her, so she’d advice he leaves her alone and live his life separately.


According to her, she has been having complications every time she gets pregnant, however, there’s no way she backing out of her marriage.