Permanent friend or temporal interests? It’s always up for debate when the issue of friendship comes up. How is a friend determined? I don’t like using the term “true friend” because doing that amounts to tautology. There’s no such thing as a false friend or a true friend. Of course, I understand that friendship is in levels.

In the entertainment industry, there have been good times where peace reigned between some celebrities. It was assumed that nothing could go wrong between them. However, the world is a funny place and fast forward to 2020, and the friendship shared between some celebrities have broken down so much so that it appears as though there’s no way back.


Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Efia Odo and Shatta Wale

Some years ago, these two were all over the place. Efia Odo used to visit Shatta Wale’s home frequently. ‘Netizens’ even assumed that they were involved in a romantic relationship. However, Efia Odo accused Shatta Wale of stealing her business partner and in effect, making her lose a considerable amount of money.


Efia Odo described Shatta Wale as greedy and evil. Though Shatta Wale downplayed Efia Odo’s insults, the pair are no longer spotted together and no hope in sight of them coming back as besties again.

Shatta Wale and Sarkodie

They used to be Shatta-Sark. However, Shatta Wale labelled Sarkodie as a snitch. According to Shatta Wale, together with Sarkodie, they agreed to be paid a specific amount to perform at a GLO Event. However, Sarkodie ‘bypassed’ him and took a smaller offer to perform at the event.


Since then, Shatta Wale has been on the neck of Sarkodie, labelling him as a poor artiste. In response, Sarkodie released a diss song to Shatta which he titled ‘Advice’. In response, Shatta Wale purchased a Mercedes Benz S550 to spite Sarkodie’s ‘poverty’.

Though Andy Dosty was able to get Sarkodie and Shatta Wale to speak on live radio during the birthday of the latter, it was clear that there was still bad blood amongst the two celebrities.

Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny

This breakup was epic. Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny used to be very good friends. You all remember when Pope Skinny used to thank Shatta Wale for being extremely kind to him? In fact, Pope Skinny was featured in Shatta Wale’s ‘Salala Nigga’ and ‘Forgetti’.

However, Pope Skinny was sacked by the SM Boss. Shatta Wale justified the sack by labelling Pope Skinny an ingrate. However, other news portals reported that Shatta Wale took offence when Skinny advised him to treat his baby mama, Shatta Michy better. As it stands, there seems to be no way back for these one-time ‘besties’.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel

At a point, these two had a common enemy; Diamond Appiah, and so the situation surrounding their enmity is sketchy. In July 2019, Afia Schwar alleged that Mzbel broke her trust when she found out that Mzbel slept with her (Afia Schwar’s) boyfriend.

However, according to Mzbel, the cause of the breakdown of their friendship was because Schwar took offence when she severally advised Schwar to behave properly in public and not do “self-arrangement” or impose herself on her fans. Recently, Mzbel also alleged that Afia Schwar slept with a dog and was paid $5000 for that act of bestiality.

Fameye and Ogidi Brown

Their fallout was epic, and was caused by money. Fameye felt that Ogidi Brown was merely using him to make money and didn’t really have him at heart. They made up when they had their first fallout which was caused by Fameye laying claim to some monies.

After they made up, Fameye hailed Brown as a great manager, but things went sour between the two and this time, it doesn’t seem that they’ll smoke the peace pipe anytime soon. Ogidi Brown also claimed that Fameye was stubborn and felt that he was entitled to all the monies he made, forgetting that a lot of sacrifices went on behind the scenes.

OGB further claimed that one of Fameye’s such moves made him (OGB) lose 1,500 pounds. Earlier this year, OGB revealed that he was preparing to hit Fameye with a civil lawsuit. He also revealed that Fameye had caused him financial loss amounting to 120,000 cedis.

Other celebrities who have fallen out despite being friends in the past include; Sarkodie and Ball J as well as Shatta Wale and his Militants (made up of Naty Lee, Captan and Addi Self). Shatta Wale said that he sacked the Militants basically because they were unwilling to work.


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