Cast of Papa Kumasi YouTube Comedy Series

Papa Kumasi is a YouTube comedy series produced by Kofas Media. The story is centred around Sarfo Clement known in the series as Papa Kumasi and his immediate family. The underlining story of the Papa Kumasi is that of a young returnee (Papa Kumasi) who returned to his village, Kumasi and paraded himself as a wealthy man although he returned from his journey abroad with close to nothing.

Papa Kumasi cunningly deceives the people of his village he is capable of transforming their lives. Feeding on their gullibility, Papa Kumasi gets every girl of his choice, fame and sometimes dupe the inhabitants of his town.

The following are the main cast of the series:

Sarfo Clement

Sarfo Clement is the main character of the series; the entire story is built around him. In the comedy series, he was initially known as Mordechai, a very rough stubborn boy who gets the chance to travel out of the country. Mordechai returns from his journey abroad and decides to change his name from Mordechai to Papa Kumasi just to show he is the new controller and don of the town.

Adwoa Boahemaa

Adwoa Boahemaa is known in the famous comedy series as Mama Kalifonia. She is a troublesome woman who loves to quarrel a whole lot, aside that, she is mother to Tilapia, a brother to Papa Kumasi and Papa Kumasi himself. Aside her worrisome nature, Mama Kali as she is referred to single-handedly raised Tilapia and Papa Kumasi from her Charcoal Business.

Yaw Dabo

Yaw Dabo in the series is referred to as Tilapia, he is a younger brother to Papa Kumasi and a son to Mama Kalifonia. In the series, Tilapia is almost parallel to trouble, as he is very famous in the city for causing trouble, abusing girls and stealing.

Stephen Yaw Mawunyo

Strangely the producers of Papa Kumasi did not maintain Stephen Yaw Mawunyo with his famous tv name Oteele but this time chose to name him Biggy. Biggy is a childhood friend to Papa Kumasi and jobless youth. After Papa Kumasi returns from his journey abroad, Biggy follows him everywhere with the hope of enriching himself.

Lydia Nanaa Adomaa

Lydia Nanaa Adomaa is known in the series as Adomaa. She was the childhood girlfriend of Papa Kumasi. After Papa Kumasi returns to his hometown, their relationship is rekindled but life won’t be smooth for them.

Others who starred in the series are; Ama Baffoe Hanson, Ntoah Beatrice, Kaakyire Bonsu, Kofi Asamoah.