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In election years, it is the general practice of political parties to rent the press and trumpet their infrastructural achievements. They could also go to every extent to claim an achievement as theirs – obviously to court the sympathy of the shortchanged electorate.

One of the biggest failures of our successive presidents has always been to close the infrastructural deficit of the country. With this abysmal track record, we are still fed with the same old meal of who built what and when. Knowing Ghanaians very well, an average politician would choose to enrich himself at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaians for three years and take the cover of the political year euphoria and start a project. They use the project as entrapment for votes. The very reason John Mahama commissioned the Circle ‘Dubai’ interchange barely two weeks to elections in 2016 and Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo reserved his year of roads for an election year. They know Ghanaians can easily forget the ordeals they were subjected to when they suddenly see something has started.


John Dramani Mahama

They will tell you when you vote them out their opponents will abandon the project. The major cause of Ghana’s problem is the abandonment of projects which were started during a different regime by successive governments.

We cannot talk about willfully causing financial loss to the state without mentioning ‘willfully abandoning projects’. I must say we are the cause of or own woes. I have followed with shock, recent fights over who own projects going on between the two leading political party’s footsoldiers mostly on social media. This awkward behaviour by these foot soldiers has cost the nation billions of money.

It doesn’t inure to the benefit of anyone to claim ownership for what he used our own money to do. There is the fear of being attacked by party apparatchiks for stealing projects in our presidents. And this has led to the current hardships we find ourselves in.


We pay our taxes to the government and in return, the government has the responsibility of using the same on developmental projects in the country but rather they engage in what can be described as ‘ELECTION – CENTERED’ politics. This is when political players go to every extent to score political points from what they do with our taxes. It would interest you to know that the average Ghanaian thinks it is a favour for the government to give them social amenities like roads, schools, hospitals, electricity, amongst others.

This is true to some extent because we don’t seek accountability or demand for our right to basic social amenities. All we do is sing praises when we are served with peanuts. We still have children learning under trees, pupils sitting on blocks, health care is administered in the sun, overcrowded school dormitories, poor road network, and many towns that are yet to have a share of the national grid.

The news of the forty-year-old abandoned maternity block at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) came as no surprise at all. Presidents who have ruled the nation after the overthrow of Acheampong found no reason to complete this project he started in 1974 because they won’t get the political glory. Innocent lives have been lost because of the neglect of that project.


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
The losses as a result of the abandoned affordable housing, Sofoline Interchange amongst many others all started by HE J.A.Kuffour must be a worry to everyone. At a point in time, the Asokore Mampong Affordable housing served a breeding ground for armed robbers in the Ashanti Region. These are some of the indirect effects we suffer as a result of wrong political decisions.

But for COVID-19 the elegant University of Ghana Medical Centre would have been left to rot for frivolous reasons. City FM report confirmed that millions of dollars are being wasted through many hospitals and Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHIPS) compounds started in HE J.D.Mahama’s era are not quantifiable. The Health Minister had to resort to the very hospital he abandoned for three years to save his life.

For the sake of petty partisan politics, projects initiated with the tax payer’s money are being recklessly abandoned.

The fact of the matter is that no president owns a project as far as they did not execute it with their own resources. The most ridiculous political comment is for party activists say a president has stolen a project. REALLY? We have settled for less for far too long that is why we are paying the price.

It is a mark of the unpatriotic to mock any president for continuing a project that was initiated by a different party.


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