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Bulldog ‘fights’ KKD over ‘One Corner’ dance craze

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Artiste manager and critic, Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson, popularly known as Bulldog has expressed utmost disappointment in Kwesi Kyei Darkwa’s condemnation of the famous ‘One Corner’ dance craze.

KKD sharing his view on the trendy dance expressed disgust as he asserted that there are more positive things about Ghanaians which should be projected to the rest of the world than indulging in acts that rather make a mockery of the country.

“It is bad when the name of Ghana is dragged into something like this. A lot of educative things have come up in Ghana; a lot of brilliant personalities have visited us here. So let us also project those positive things too about our country. There are a lot of things in the world; there is good and there is bad, some are true some are lies,” KKD said on Neat FM’s Entertainment Ghana, Tuesday.

“If it is not foolishness then what is it? If people shake their buttocks and roll on the floor and share on social media and it is not foolishness, then what is it? It is either madness or sickness. I think sometimes we should be bold enough to say things just the way they are. I am not saying this out of anger, jealousy or with any hard feelings but I insist it is foolishness” he added.

But reacting to KKD’s remarks on Daybreak Hitz, Wednesday, Bulldog stated that he never expected the arts and entertainment mogul to downplay the craft. He believes artistes and music promoters should even take a cue to promote their works.

“KKD knows entertainment and he should know that some of these things will come… I don’t think it is the song per say. It is the dance that comes with the song. Whether we cry or shout, it is the biggest song in Ghana now. It’s a calculated attempt. The guy knew this song would not just go [so they had to come up with something]. This is a case study… It is divine. KKD who knows entertainment in and out should ask how we can maximize this. This is what the white man is capitalizing on but we are quick to condemn,” said Bulldog.

The ‘one corner’ dance is a crazy dance accompanied with extra energy that requires one secludes oneself in a corner and perform a s?xually stimulating dance. It came into existence following the release of a single by Patapaa titled, ‘One Corner’.

For many of the videos sighted by, it is just mindboggling the extent people went to exhibit ‘craziness’.