As users conclude that they have been swindled by Boostpal, a website that promises users of money for watching videos, the owners of the site is back with a message to assure users and investors that they’re coming back in few days time.

In a message posted on a new domain name, Boostpal claims their website has been hacked by Russian hackers and they are doing everything they can to have the website back in eleven days time.


This is not the first time the website has gone offline for more than a day. In August 2018, it went offline for some days.

The owners claim to have lost contact with their country representatives and as such unable to communicate to users.

Read the full text on the website below:


Boostpal main site is currently under Attack by a Russian Hacker but we are working hard to restore the domain site after it has been Hacked

We are using this mirrow site as an alternative but it didnt work out as planned cos members where not able to login.
We have lost Contacts of all our Representative in various Country to communicate with them on the progress of works but no need to panic because in 11days time the main site will be up and running cos this is not the first time the site went off for a very long time.We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused .Long live BOOSTPAL.



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