Bloggers’ Forum: Akuapem Poloo’s conviction spark outrage

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Abrantepa sits with his able panelists Nana Yaw Wiredu and McDonald Nana Yaw Asare (Romeo) for a discussion on actress Akuapem Poloo’s conviction.

Akuapem Poloo was charged with the publication of nude pictures with her seven-year-old son.


She pleaded not guilty when she was initially arraigned but changed her plea later to guilty on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

Away from the court and gospel musician, Sonnie Badu is selling T-shirts to raise funds for his friend, Kwame Attah Tenadu, to enable him seek treatment for multiple sclerosis.

The shirts being sold at US$100 come in white with the inscription ‘Lions over Frogs’ written on it boldly in black. This comes after the UK-based musician refused to respond to critics of his 3 degrees he acquired in four months, insisting that “lions don’t respond to frogs.”


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