When one gives higher priority to an object or activity than their relationship with God, it can be seen in the christian religion as an idol worship. Idol worship can be your vehicle, relationship, your job or money, including your pet. It can also be a person’s career that one gives their energy but God says he is a jealous God and needs full attention.

According to the christian bible, Moses descended with ” The Ten Commandments” from Mount Sinai to find the Israelite worshiping a golden calf causing, emotion of anger in force to throw the tablets.


Below is how it looked like:

“This is what the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, the God of Israel, says: You saw the calamity I brought on Jerusalem and all the towns of Judah. They now lie deserted and in ruins.

They provoked my anger with all their wickedness. They burned incense and worshiped other gods—gods that neither they nor you nor any of your ancestors had ever even known.


“Again and again I sent my servants, the prophets, to plead with them, `Don’t do these horrible things that I hate so much.’

But my people would not listen or turn back from their wicked ways. They kept on burning incense to these gods.

And so my fury boiled over and fell like fire on the towns of Judah and into the streets of Jerusalem, and they are still a desolate ruin today.” Jeremiah 44:2-6.


Rev. Obofour and some of his congregants were seen on the social media platform exchanging insults. Nana Agradaa warned Obofour to take precautionary measures or else, she will also clean the skeletons stuck out of his closet.

Seems like the warning from Nana Agradaa to Obofour was not enough to hold weight for him to withdraw from the leadership battle. Instead, is alleged Obofour made one of his television host and other girls to increase the volume of the insult which generated Nana Agradaa to bring a revelation.

In the revelation, it was brought out that, Nana Agradaa and Obofour did have a private phone friendly conversation. After the private conversation was brought to the public to hear for themselves, some followers from Obofour’s camp started to respond with insults, which triggered the priestess to respond the pastor with deep insults. According to Nana Agradaa, she will send her insults towards the pastor if any of his followers disrespects her.

A blogger Nana Konadu Berima Tweneboa Kodua, also known as Talking Point, on the social media took the chance to share her views by standing against Rev. Obofour for fighting with an idol worshiper on the social media with insults.

Expanding with Jeremiah 10:8, the bible already condemns idol worshipers to be senseless and foolishness so if there should be any battle between the two person’s, the pastor and his congregants are help transform the priestess to the kingdom of Christianity rather than trading insult.

She also argues with followers of Obofour to respond to the priestess as new creators of Jesus Christ ” therefor if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come and all old things has pass.” 1 Corinthians 5:17.

In closing, she delivers the christian group should join together with their leader to help win Nana Agradaa to christian kingdom, for it is written by the christian doctrine, idol worshipers are cursed. The priestess needs to be delivered from idol curses and not to be attacked. Habaku 2:19, ” woe to him who say to the woods.”

She finalized, Nana Agradaa should continue to fight Rev. Obofour until she receives deliverance from him to join the Christian kingdom.


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