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Bishop T.D Jakes’ visit to Ghana sparks debate

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American mega Pastor, Bishop T.D Jakes is coming to Ghana on the invitation of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams for a meeting where people would “receive divine impartation and encounter God”.

His visit, which forms part of the upcoming Africa Business & Kingdom Leadership Summit requires participants to register at fees of $100, $1000, $5000 and $10,000 for General Admission, Leadership Partner, Gold Sponsor and Platinum Sponsor respectively.

While a section of the Christian community in Ghana regard his visit as a “blessing to the nation”, others see it as means to exploit the people of Ghana.

Not long ago, Pastor Mensah Otabil caused a stir on social media for his “Greater Works Special Offering”, which attracted lots of backlash and condemnation from many Ghanaians. This in a way has been extended to the visit of Bishop T.D Jakes as many see it as an opportunity by some men of God to exploit the people of Ghana, specifically, Christians.

A video posted on Citi FM’s page on Facebook on the Man of God’s visit has attracted a debate as some describe his visit as means to “squeeze money out of Ghanaians”

Below are few of the comments:

Below is the video promoted on Citi FM’s Facebook page