Berla Mundi Laments Over Horrible Pothole-ridden Roads Leading To Boti Falls – Says Little Has Been Done To Make Boti Falls Attractive

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There are too many messed up things to lament about in the country called Ghana and Berla Mundi has chosen one of them to lament about it on Twitter.


Berla Mundi has shared her experience at the Boti Falls, one of Ghana’s tourists’ attraction sites and according to her, little has been done to make Boti Falls attractive to tourists.

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She tweeted;

“The Boti Falls is supposed to be one of Ghana’s most popular tourist sites in the Eastern Region,but very little has been done to make it attractive. From 100’s of kilometres of horrible pothole-ridden roads, to a very drab and unwelcoming atmosphere, its no surprise the site was”.

In another tweeted, she said;


“totally empty when I visited.While other countries invested heavily in their tourism industry and generated millions from it,(well until covid showed up), we’ve been allowing our tourist sites to waste away.We have a lot to fix in this country.Very pathetic #FixTheCountry“.