It is becoming common to see some celebrities embark on conscious transformations either for health reasons or for personal confidence. Others also do their best to lose weight in order to promote a particular product, or star in a movie.

While many other celebs are getting gigs because of their plus-size bodies, some have expressed their discontent on their endomorphic body shape which they are bent on working out to prevent that.


The likes of former MUSIGA President Obour, and others tried to lose weight but gave up. However, there are others who through consistency and determination achieved the desired weight they dreamt of.

Here is a list of some remarkable Ghanaian celebrities weight loss journey.

Kurl Songx


The musician who was known to be bulky in nature has lost immense weight, leaving him fit and slim-looking. Kurl Songx surprised many with his new looks months ago. On how he got his current figure, Kurl disclosed he was enrolled onto a strict diet scheme.

Kurl Songx explained that he had to shun late-night eating and other unhealthy lifestyles that weren’t benefiting his health, adding that he had a personal doctor assisting him on the weight-loss journey.

Nana Ama McBrown


Actress Nana Ama McBrown once took many Ghanaians by surprise over her weight loss.

She made good money after she lost weight to promote weight loss pills. Nana Ama was known to be quiet thick and her weight loss shocked the whole nation. So immediately she attributed her success to Calorad Pills, the demand for it became very high. In an interview, she attributed 99% of her weight loss to the Calorad pills she was on. She was signed as the brand ambassador of the Calorad weight loss pills.

Nana Ama revealed in a different interview that she didn’t take any drugs to attain her current body size. She said that she used to weigh 88kg but lost 48.4 pounds due to strict diet and exercise. She probably lied earlier on to promote the weight loss pills.

Jocelyn Dumas

The ever beautiful actress and TV presenter recently reminded Ghanaians of her weight loss journey and how cumbersome it was. She encouraged and entreated her fans who wanted to change their physical appearance that their dream to embark on that was possible and not far from within reach if they worked towards it.

Though fans loved how thick Jocelyn Dumas was, her choice was otherwise.

Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro not too long ago revealed that she has lost 15kg and she expressed joy over the weight loss. She further stated that it has now gotten to the point where she will consider wearing Bikini to the poolside when there is the need for it.

She also revealed other celebrities can also do that with ease.



The nurse and one-time dancehall queen also lost weight overnight. When she shot to fame seven-years ago she was ‘heavy’ weight. After relocating to the United Kingdom, the songstress lost weight which also came as a surprise to so many Ghanaians and her fans.

For reasons best known to Ghanaians in UK, it’s easier losing weight over there than here. Some had attributed it to the fact that one has to be chasing bus more often.

Jessica Opare Saforo

The radio personality, Jessica, has now slimmed down as compared to some years ago. She has transformed herself after taking her dieting serious. She also worked out vigorously before she could achieve this feat. She has personally assisted a lot of people to lose weight. She once offered to assist MUSIGA president Obour.

Sammy Forson

The radio personality who works with Multimedia Group for years was battling with depression and alcoholism. He was growing fat every now and then but started changing when he embarked on his weight loss journey three years ago. Sammy Forson has attributed his weight loss to good dieting and regular exercising.


Asem needs no introduction when it comes to the subject of weight loss. Most fans of Asem became worried years back when he also embarked on some drastic weight loss journey. People were confused thinking he was sick but the rapper came out to clear the air claiming he was of good health and the weight loss was a conscious effort through exercising.


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