Becca’s Marriage Could Be On Rocks As She Completely Ignores Her Husband’s Sweet Comment On Her Post On Instagram

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Becca’s marriage to Tobi Sanni could be hitting the rocks — as she completely shunned his sweet comment on her post on Instagram. What’s happening in Becca’s marriage?


Becca made a post on her Instagram page and had time to reply to comments from her celebrities friends such as Salma Mumin, Ohema Woyeje and other fans.

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But shockingly, her husband’s sweet comment, “My baby” on her post was completely ignored. Becca pretended as if she never saw the comment from Tobi Sanni and this has raised the eyebrows of gossip mongers on Instagram.

Tobi Sanni‘s “My baby” comment on Becca’s post has been sitting idle without a reply from her on Instagram after 20 hours. It’s obvious that Becca won’t say a word as a reply to Tobi’s comment. Something is definitely wrong somewhere!


Check the screenshot below…