Is Becca Bleaching To Meet Zylofon’s Requirement?

Images of highlife songstress Becca looking like the Ghana version of Michael Jackson broke out on the internet and threw the nation into shock. All of a sudden Becca was looking so white than the American and far away from the beautiful Black woman she’s known to be.

In fact people had difficulty coming to terms that the circulated pictures were that of the Becca we have known for a decade. But why the sudden intense bleaching that has led her to look so white and pale? Is she bleaching to meet Zylofon’s requirement?

Since Zylofon Media popped up on the entertainment scene a year ago, it has gone on a signing spree, signing some of the biggest names in Ghana movie and music industry. Beyond the signing of celebrities, any curious mind could notice one trait familiar to almost all the female signees and that is fair skin or some amount of bleaching.

From Zynel Zul to Benedicta Gafa to Joyce Blessing, all these signees are ladies who boast of being fair in complexion, even though one may argue that Joyce Blessing’s fair skin is as a result of bleaching. This rather seems suspicious and has led to people asking if Zylofon Media only signs light skin celebrities.

With this suspicion in mind, Becca suddenly goes on an intense bleaching marathon and within months she’s challenging her female label mates for the most fairer skin signee trophy. This leaves everyone wondering if indeed Rebecca Akosua Acheampong is bleaching in order to meet Zylofon’s requirement of female signees.

Not too long ago, an unknown Facebook user by name Merlisa Oppong accused Zylofon CEO Nana Appiah Mensah of sleeping with Yolo actress, Fella Makafui. The comment sent social media into frenzy and for days the issue became the talk of town. Nana Appiah Mensah as expected came out to respond to the comment on his official twitter handle. His response was swift and simple.

“Unfortunately I prefer jollof, waakye upsets my tummy.,”

Even though his response was short and swift, the message was clear and sound. He was simply saying he prefers light skin ladies, who according to him are ‘Jollof’ and has no taste for Dark skin ladies like Fella Makafui who are represented by ‘Waakye.’

Could this be the reason why his company, Zylofon Media seems to be signing only fair-skinned female celebs? And is our very own Becca bleaching just to please Nana Appiah Mensah who has in no uncertain terms made it clear that dark skin ladies kill his appetite and upset his stomach?

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