Be original and different – Michael Blankson to Ghanaian entertainers

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US-based Ghanaian-Liberian comedian Michael Blackson has advised entertainers in Ghana to be original and be different if they want the Ghanaian entertainment industry to grow.

Speaking exclusively to Doreen Avio, he advised them not to imitate others but maintain their originality.


“My biggest thing is originality as an entertainer. You have to be original and be different. Be yourself because no one can duplicate who you are. Whether you are a singer, comedian, if you are comic, talk about your own personal life, because no one has experienced what you have experienced,” the award-winning comedian said.

He also advised entertainers to always put God first and work hard to achieve more.

“Keep working hard, don’t take no for an answer, you put God first, and whatever is meant to happen, will happen. If it is for you, it’s going to happen. A lot of the time there are comics that are great comics, but they probably are meant to be a writer, means to write for others and your gift will eventually come out, and you keep going, you don’t stop, you don’t give up and you keep going to the next step and next step”, Blackson stated.


He added that the best way to get better at what you do is to grab the opportunities right next to you and make very good use of them.

“The thing to get better at what you do is to perform it, if you are a comic find some friends and tell them jokes, if you are a singer where ever you see a microphone just grab it, keep perfecting your act and when the time comes you are ready,” he said.

Michael Blackson was in Ghana and paid a visit to his mum in Swedru Nsabang with his sister where he is currently building a school for children in the area.