BBNAIJA Reunion 2021: How Neo betrayed Prince and Praise

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Neo is a typical example of a green snake in green grass, he claims to be your right-hand man but does not care about the way you feel towards a particular situation.

During the BBNAIJA reunion praise was asked how felt when he found out that Neo nominated him for eviction. It came as a shock to him because he viewed Neo as a friend and never expected that from him.



Neo in his defence felt that he expected him to survive the elimination and also saw him as a threat in the house. Friends are meant to trust and protect each other but Neo is the opposite of what friends are meant to be.

Praise case can be understood to a reasonable extent but that of Prince is a complete definition of Betrayal. Neo accused Prince of lying about his father during his diary section, he felt that Prince’s emotions were fake.

Prince didn’t find it funny with him during the reunion, he poured out his emotions to Neo and refused any form of apology from Him.


During the reunion, Neo claimed he tried reaching out to the prince but was ignored by him. He also said Prince was a very competitive person and felt he wouldn’t want to associate with him after he was named among the top five in the house.

Neo might claim to be a street guy but sometimes you have to honour your friends and build your trust with them. Praise and Prince must have learned it the hard way and also needs to move on with their lives.


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