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Antoa Shrine to expedite justice in JB Danquah murder trial

The family of the late Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu has said that it would rely on Antoa shrines to deal with the murderers of the MP as the Ghana legal system keeps delaying in its delivery of justice.

A nephew of the deceased politician, Solomon Danquah Adu, has said the family seeks to visit the Antoa shrine to seek for justice.

Speaking in a phone-in segment on Okay FM, Solomon indicated that the alleged murderer has been made to cover up the people who contracted him to kill the MP stating that when he was due to mention names of his contractors, he was taken away by the BNI and later changed his statement.

The late MP’s wife Ivy Heward-Mills earlier this month rained curses on the murderers of her late husband, she stressed, will have no peace and their lives will be hell just as they have denied her children the right to have a father.

“I remind them that every day and every night, I pray over their evil heads. Every time their children call them Daddy and they respond, they bring a curse upon themselves and their descendants because they have deprived my children of their father. They have taken a life they did not create and they will pay dearly for what they have done. Today, I tell them that they had no right to do what they did. God will not spare them. NEVER! Someday soon, their cups shall fill up and run over and that day, the world will see them for who they truly are. Let them rest assured that their days are numbered,” she cursed.

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J.B Danquah was stabbed to death at his residence at Shiashie in Accra Tuesday February 9, 2016.

The prime suspect involving the death of the deceased, Daniel Asiedu popularly known as Sexy Dondon, is standing trial for the murder.



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