All my songs are universal – Shasha Marley

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Ghanaian reggae singer Julius Amua-Sekyi popularly known as, Shasha Marley, has disclosed in an interview that all his songs are universal songs.

He shared that, he doesn’t do his music for Ghanaians only, his songs are for the whole world. “Even though I live in Ghana, I play for the whole world to listen”, he said.


According to him, people all over the world listen to his songs.

“When you look at Lucky Dube, he isn’t a Ghanaian and he doesn’t do highlife, he doesn’t sing in twi but Ghanaians listen to him”, he said.

He furthered that, Lucky Dube is a South African but people in Ghana really do purchase his songs and that is because he does reggae and reggae is a universal song.


“When Lucky Dube released his album, Taxman, he sold more in Ghana than even in South Africa where he comes from, but he isn’t even a Ghanaian”,

Speaking on Y97.9FM with Haruna Babaginda on the Reggae Republic Show, he disclosed that reggae music crosses all borders.

Shasha Marley is known for songs such as, “Lost and found”, “Will you be my Friend”, among others.