All eyes on me after I made a fashion history in vgma 2018 awards – Patapaa

Ever since Patapaa entered into the Ghana Music Industry, with his “One Corner” hit, everything about him has been a mystery and unexpected. He has mastered his craft to differentiate himself from the crowd to catch the attention of his fans anytime he appears in the public eye.

His style is outstanding and powerful to make news headlines all the time. Once again, Patapaa has made his name appear in the headlines with his new fashion style he introduced in the vgma 2018 awards red carpet section.

His suit gave him the standing ovation at the vgma 2018 red carpet and he has surprised his fans and the whole vgma enthusiasts.

Although the social media seems to be trolling him for the over-sized suite he wore for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2018 red carpet. And there are also another media outlets making fun of him as well. A quote from Ghanaweb states, “The “One Corner” hitmaker subjected himself to public ridicule when he turned up at the 19th edition of the event at the Accra International Conference Centre in a ‘seemingly’ over-sized suit and red tie accessorized with a black shoe.” 

But to the artist himself, his demeanor at the red carpet was that of positivity. He appeared like he was making a fashion history and I personally think, he achieved his goal. If he couldn’t win anything, at least he wouldn’t just be among the numbers who just attended the occasion. He had to leave a name and make history. That’s what staying popular in the entertainment is about. Patapaa keeps planting his name and brand in the minds and homes of music lovers.

I say kudos to Patapaa. and his fashion history achievement he made at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2018, 19th edition.  “Wob3te dwee”

Full view of Patapaa’s suit


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