Akufo Addo mourns

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has made many decisions as a leader and President of the Republic of Ghana. Most of which are ‘irrelevant’ and ‘unscientific’ in relation with this pandemic. Due to the failure of the NPP, they have decided to use free water and electricity to lure Ghanaians into voting for them. Below are some of the signs which point to the NPP using the free electricity and water to get votes from the Ghanaian citizens.

Due to the pressure on the high demands on the frontline health workers, Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) appointed a team of medical professionals who have experience in handling health crisis and assigned them to assist the National COVID-19 Technical team appointed by the government.


The main aim behind this was to support and help in making medical decisions that will help manage the pandemic. After the team were appointed and assigned to the National COVID-19 Technical Team, they had a number of meetings and consultations but according to them, none of the advice they gave was taken into consideration or implemented due to the mere fact that they are members of the opposition political party; because if their ideas were used, they would need to give credit to them.

This is a very poor decision on the part of the government and the National COVID-19 Technical Team. In other countries, the ruling party has joined forces with the opposition parties for them to bring their ideas together on how they can successfully manage the economy in this COVID-19 era. This is the type of government who will come out of the virus successfully because of their ‘selfless’ style of government.

A government which is more concerned about the country always considers the interest of its people; and tries to act in ways which will increase their trust for the country and will ignite the sense of patriotism in them. The NPP government is no such government.


The NPP government allowed final year students to return to school to complete their final examination. The President himself promised that proper care would be taken so as not to cause any harm to any student. He also promised to put in place safety measures to protect the students and assigned a health official and a health facility to each school. Meanwhile, while the students were entering the school premises, no tests were made, in some schools, temperatures were taken, and in others, no such thing was done.

The temperature check alone is not scientifically sufficient because there are people who are asymptomatic and as a result, show no symptoms of the disease. Such people need to be tested before it could be proven whether or not they have the virus. All these precautionary measures were ignored.

In line with what the President said concerning the mapping of a health worker and a health facility, a KNUST SHS final year student was left alone to die due to the carelessness of the teacher and the failure of the government to provide the school with a health professional. The child was left alone for almost 2 hours, unattended to by a medical professional.


Students took the boy from the floor and tried their best to help save their mate, but their effort proved futile. Till this day, there hasn’t been any official statement from the President concerning this particular issue. A concerned President would have at least send his condolence to the family.

Recently when the police murdered an American in the city of Minneapolis in the U.S.A, the Ministry of Tourism organized a funeral in Ghana for a person who is not even a Ghanaian. In contrast, poor Ghanaian child was left alone to die and has not even had a public condolence by the Presidency.

The President disallowed parents from visiting their wards in school and instead, a few weeks after the students were sent to school, the President allowed the Electoral Commission to go and register these poor kids just for the reason that they are beneficiaries of the NPP’s free education policy and will vote for them come December 2020. This registration process increased the exposure of the students to outsiders who were either party agents or polling officers.

The President went on a 14-day self-isolation after getting to know that he had come into contact with an infected COVID-19 person. Other ministries and companies also closed down after they noticed that someone among them has tested positive. Meanwhile, the poor little students who had come into contact with infected COVID-19 students are not isolated but are left alone to be with the rest of the students.

This gives us an apparent picture of how the President is more concerned about his life than the lives of “ordinary” Ghanaians.

All these are some of the sectors Akufo-Addo has failed Ghanaians, and as a result, he is using the ‘free water and electricity’ to lure Ghanaians into voting for him rather than doing it to help Ghanaians.


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