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Akufo-Addo’s 998 staffers working at midnight to keep Ghana running – Chief of Staff

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Chief of Staff Frema Osei Opare has justified the 998 lists of presidential staffers employed at the presidency, revealing that government works around the clock to midnights in order to keep the country running at all times for which reason many hands were needed.

Frema Opare under whom the 998 staffers work broke her silence on the issue for the first time to Citi News monitored by

Chief of staff – Frema Osei Opare

“You can have ten people in an enterprise and they will all be overstaffed. But, you may have 20 staff and they will rather be understaffed. What is worrying is when the people are not seriously engaged but are loitering about. This is a government that is consistently having cabinet meetings even at midnight to work around the clock.” She revealed.

“This is a government that has a lot of important initiatives that require our participation and engagement. What you do is that you hire people and if you citizens who have skills and talents you can accelerate development by just having the people to use those talents. So are they able to tell me that a ministry is idle overstaffed Go to any ministry and see if the appointees are loitering understaffed? We are a busy government” she pointed out.

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