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Akufo Addo is trending; ‘he calls himself bad leader’

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The internet has been quiet lately and from nowhere Akufo Addo seems to be trending. A tweet he shared in 2016 has resurfaced online and many are mocking him while some express regrets for voting.

Check out the tweet below:

Nana tweets

Akufo Addo is a bad leader, YES, he’s saying it himself. According to him, the country’s leadership at that time was bad and that accounted for the Cedi’s weakness against the dollar. It was just 3.72ghs at that time but today, it’s 5.2ghs. From the President’s own definition of a Bad Leadership, he’s one.

People are feeling the heat and regrets and disappointments are being expressed on social media.

Artiste manager Ray Moni won’t waste time to vote again. His comment on Facebook clearly shows he has tried all parties and none has anything to offer him. He must be surprised to see the direction of the cedi today.

Joe is just smiling.

Oh Morrison?

To Charlie Scott Morrison, Bawumia’s mathematical formula is now adding up to expose him.

Piesie fell for deception.

Funny enough, Finance Minister says the cedi should be fine in few weeks lol … What he couldn’t do in two years should be expected to be done in two weeks? WOW… we now having magicians in government.

Bawumia, are the fundamentals weak?

What do you have to say about Nana Addo’s tweet and the exchange rate today? Click HERE to join the conversation.

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