Akufo Addo mourns

Where is our president? I mean the hardworking Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo? Why have we not heard any “fellow Ghanaians” in a while now?

It has been seven days since the Minister for Information Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah released the ambiguous press statement to Ghanaians. In his press release, he said, “President Nana Akufo-Addo will today begin a 14-day precautionary self-isolation measure in compliance with COVID-19 protocols”. “This is because a member of his close circle tested positive for the novel coronavirus.”


This statement is self-contradictory, and the minister failed to tell Ghanaians the truth about the President’s condition. World Health Organization, the body that is responsible for defining the Coronavirus protocols, has stated clearly that we only isolate people who have tested positive for a disease and quarantine those who have tested negative but are waiting for further test to confirm their status. So the Minister’s statement created the impression that the president had Coronavirus and was going in isolation for treatment.

As to why he added that the president even though has tested negative but has elected to go into “ISOLATION”, only Kojo Oppong Nkrumah can explain.

Two days after he self-isolated himself, a reputable newspaper, The Herald Newspaper, published that the president has been flown to the United Kingdom for COVID-19 treatment. The presidency was very swift to issue a disclaimer that it wasn’t true. In their attempt to justify their statement, they attached an old photo to the statement where the president was with his family. There is another audio circulating on various media platforms alleging that the president is currently in Kenya receiving treatment for coronavirus. Where is our president?


Now to all those who believed that statement have you asked yourself these questions:

1. Was the president and all his family exposed to the person who tested positive for Coronavirus in his close circle?
2. Do we visit and have dinner with people in isolation?
3. If the president was going into isolation with the first lady, why were Ghanaians not informed?
4. Why were they not wearing facemask or at least having a hand sanitizer on the table if the picture was taken in COVID-19 era?

These are the critical questions we have to ask and demand answers from the presidency. He is the first gentleman of the land and the lead fighter of the pandemic. All matters about Coronavirus that bothers him bothers Ghanaians too. He has to help fight the stigma associated with the virus by coming out clear about his status.


The minister for health missed that fine opportunity when he sadly got the virus. He nicodemusly went into isolation without anyone knowing where he was. It has to take the president to announce his status to Ghanaians. They should learn from how the UK’s prime Minister Borris Johnson publicly declared his status and kept the nation updated throughout his treatment process. That is how leaders do.

In the press statement issued by Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, he said the president would be working from the Jubilee House. Can they tell us how exactly he has been doing after he went into isolation? The work of the president must not and cannot be done under secrecy. Not receiving any updates from the President who is not sick, and just distancing himself, casts doubts if he has not tested positive and receiving treatment as many are speculating.

Until they clear the air about his status, there will be rumours surrounding his health and condition in the country which does not help the fight against Coronavirus.


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