An Islamic preacher and relative of the murdered investigator, Ahmed Hussein-Suale during his burial service revealed that he saw the impending danger and warned Ahmed 3 months ago.

According to the Islamic preacher, he personally warned him about his decision to live in a populated area such as Madina as an uncover journalist.


In his prayer at the burial of Ahmed, he was heard saying:

“The very first day I visited him in his house and said Suale, where you are staying, is dangerous for you. My brother will bear me witness that I called him and told him this. You should not have been in a populated area like this. It is not up to three months. May God curse those people who did that. Where ever they are on earth Allah we are crying to you to expose them”.

The Islamic preacher cursed and prayed to Allah to expose the killers of Ahmed.


“Insha’Allah, we praying to the almighty to expose those people behind this…the killers and those who assigned them to do that. Allah we are praying to you. We don’t have anybody to cry to. Those people have cheated our brother and we don’t have anything to tell you Allah we are praying to you to expose those people. Journalists are being cheated, he was doing his work…national assignment. Everybody is crying there is corruption in the country and he has risked his life to defend the country and this is what he has got”, he lamented.

NB: Quoted texts culled from Gh Gossip



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