In a lay it all down interview on Home Affairs on Joy FM, on Saturday, wife of the actor revealed, a year after their marriage, she had stopped the actor from going on screens for three years.

Mrs Elom Anang told Edem Knight-Tey, host of the show, “It was in 2008 thereabout. I felt like I did not know him so well and was afraid he was just going to land into a mess. I started telling him how unhappy I was about some of the things he was doing.”


According to her, Adjetey Anang had gotten employed at a packaging company after quitting acting.

Although the actor had drawn numerous businesses for the venture, she explained they were not fulfilling the terms and conditions elaborated in the contract.

The struggles of leaving home at 5 am and coming back at 10 pm was also taking a toll on the vibrant actor’s personality.


“He became a shadow of himself and won’t talk to me. I realised that he was not really cut out for that kind of work,” Elorm explained.

She told the host it dawned on her she could not halt her man from pursuing his passions in a career he loved and excelled at.

He is a fantastic actor with lots of potentials, she admitted.


“I told myself to let him go and if anything happens bad enough to crack our marriage then it wasn’t meant to be.”

The couple since then have lived together for a decade, although not without their fair share of marital problems.

Adjetey Anang has gone on to star in hit movies like Potato Potahto, Keteke, Adams Apples, Devil In The Detail, A Sting in a Tale, Yolo, Sugar The Movie and many others.

Detailing how they approach movie scenes, Adjetey Anang revealed they discuss and share information on what is too much to do and what is not.

“We always negotiate when it comes to intimate scenes. There are times where it had gone a little more than I have said and that’s what makes practice very difficult sometimes.

“It has not always been a perfect scenario but for the most part, it’s been making sure we not only negotiate but hold myself to the things I have promised,” he stated.

Mrs Elom Anang added, she has grown to trust him to make the best choices and also to discuss with him anything that makes things uncomfortable in their marriage.

She said, “If I see him in certain seemingly intimate scenes with some people in the industry, I cannot be bothered. Because I know them, I know where they come from and I know their values.”

After being married for 12 years, the couple is set to renew their vows at the 2019 Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair.

Watch the interview below


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