“A Man Who’s Comfortable With A Woman Paying His Bills Is A Vegetable” – Actress,…

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Actress, Lilian Afebgai has shared some concerns about women who take care of men and men who are comfortable with receiving the help.


According to her, unless a man and woman are married and the woman is being supportive of her husband, it is not right for a woman to take care of a man’s bills, like paying his rent.


She said, because men have pride, if a woman has money and decides to take care of them, they will rather take the money and go give it to some ‘little girl’ so they can receive appreciation from them.

She, therefore, stated that any man who is comfortable with his woman taking care of him and paying his bills is not a man but a ‘vegetable.’

Lilian Afegbai

Lilian went on to add that, no matter how much money a woman has, a man should still go ahead and take care of her with the little he can afford as she believes, it is how a man can keep his pride.

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